Please note that we do not subscribe to Whitecross - if you attend Whitecross you will be charged. We answer our phone from 8am - 8pm every day of the week. For urgent care, please call us and ask to speak to a nurse.

For more information on our services, please click here or download our brochure.


 Monday - Friday Normal Business Hours

0-13 yearsFREE
14-17 years$13.00*
18 years and over$19.50*
*Please add $30.00 per extra 15 mins when requesting an extended consult with a GP.

 Urgent Care/Out of Hours Face to Face
Weekdays 5pm-8pmWeekends 8am-8pm
0-13 yearsFREE
14-17 years$55.00*
18 years and over$75.00*
*Charge may be reduced if you hold a current Community Services Card.

 Other Services
Scripts$25.00 - Urgent/same day requests
 $15.00 - Within two business days
Nurse consults$10.00
Drivers license medicals$52.00
Home visits$80.00

Fees are due on the day of your consultation.
A fee may be applied for not attending/not cancelling an appointment.